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Barriers & Bollards

Stainless Steel Bollards and Steel Posts

Clean and contemporary, stainless steel bollards and posts add a sophistication, style and elegance to any space in keeping with todays modern architecture. With its robust and durable properties Stainless Steel is an extremely popular choice for many architectural projects.

As Steel Fabricators we offer a wide range of custom sizes in a variety of styles, finish, length and width. Stainless Steel Bollards and Posts suited to a range of application in public areas such as pedestrianised walkways and car park areas. We also supply and install a range of galvanised and polyester powder coated steel posts in a variety of colour options.

Polyurethane Bollards

The Polyurethane cast around a steel core creates the ideal solution for many locations. Requiring minimal maintenance as it is chip, scratch and whether resistant. Polyurethane Bollards suit the purpose of perimeter security where their durability is needed.

Anti Ram Bollards

With two internal steel tubes for reinforcement our Anti Ram Bollards offer increased security due to the strength of the bollard. Constructed from steel, stainless steel and polyurethane these bollards will not shatter on impact. Ideal for acting as a deterrent for preventing vehicles penetrating beyond and can be utilised for ram raid deterrence or for protecting the pedestrian walkway in a car park area.