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Metal Railings

Without an architectural, construction, or a manufacturing background, you perhaps would not think to consider all of the safety and comfort features that you must adhere to when installing metal railing. At Steel Staircase and Metal Balconies we dedicate our time, efforts, expertise, and resources to this type of detail. Consider a few of the many requirements detailed by the International Residential Code (IRC) for railings in residential homes:

  • All decking with a greater height than 30 inches must have railing or guardrail
  • Guardrail must be a minimum of 36 inches in high
  • Must withstand a concentrated 200 pound force on the top of the railing

  • The requirement for railings are specific to their purpose, detailed, and will seem excessive if you are unfamiliar with regulation and building code.

    Our metal railing is stylish, versatile and manufactured with all requirements and purposes in mind. Manufactured to create a maintenance-free, formidable, and durable railing. And with the ability to match your existing gate or metal railings we can save you time and money.

    Our Metal Railings are supplied and installed across London, Kent, Surrey & Sussex.


    Metal Railings