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    Cat Ladders
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Cat Ladders

Cat Ladders are fixed, vertical ladders, which have a slope range between 75° to vertical pitch. These type of ladders are commonly used on the exterior of buildings to safely gain access to roof level.

Steel Staircase and Metal Balconies can design, manufacture and install your cat ladders to custom sizes, complete with landings, hand railing and safety hoops. Fabricated in aluminium, galvanised steel or stainless steel.

Ship Ladders

A Ship ladder must not exceed 3m in height and be fitted with a handrail on either side. The width that a ship ladder should be is between 450mm and 550mm. Ship ladders are ladders with a 65-75° pitch and fitted with treads. They are in many cases more practical to use than a vertical ladder as certain design parameters permit.

If the ladder slope is 65° the handrail height should be 250mm and 100mm for a slope of 75°. A minimum tread width of 100mm and a minimum rise of 225mm and maximum rise of 255mm.

Both of these options can be fabricated and expertly installed to the highest standards and meeting all safety and building regulations across London, Kent, Surrey & Sussex.